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What Makes Great Hotel Furniture?

Hotel furniture is vital to the success of a hospitality business and approximately three to six years is the range of the hotel renovation cycle. With a high star rating, hotels can replace their furniture once a year if their income allows it. Trends in hotel furniture are ever-changing and with modern choices they are designed with one goal in mind and that is to excite the senses.

Hotel furniture is an important part of the hotel brand itself. Hotels that maintain a pleasant, modern and welcoming design for their guests will have them coming back time and time again and telling their friends how much they enjoyed their stay. They won't always even know how to explain what made their stay enjoyable, but their feeling about the place is that it provided them with an interesting experience. Ensuring the quality, beauty and design features of the furniture is one of the main factors in keeping guests happy.

Hotel Furniture

Current and future trends to look out for

Local relevance

With visitors coming from a wide range of backgrounds and nationalities, most hotel guests want to walk through interiors that reflect the country and local culture. Hotels in Dubai, for example, incorporate modern elements into the local Moorish interior design.

67% of high-income earners prefer to spend their money on culturally immersive activities rather than upscale hotel rooms.


In recent years, hotels have been opting for furniture with a personal touch rather than generic and neutral design elements. Bold patterns and vibrant colours make rooms feel more personal and welcoming.

You will see more texture and colour in sofas, beds and other plush items. Faux fur, woven garments and velvet fabrics are the best textures for layering.

Work and life optimisation

Millennials and Generation Z have the largest market share when it comes to travel and hotel bookings. For younger, technology-oriented customers, we will see more furniture with integrated automation and mobile synchronisation in the coming years.

Resin tables with USB ports and LED lighting and beds with built-in lights will become a common sight in hotels, while adjustable laptop tables will be essential for travelling young professionals.

Social media ready

Instagram-worthy furniture is attracting hotels that want to appeal to techie guests. With a stunning backdrop of accent furniture, it could become a complimentary marketing strategy for hotels when it finally appears on Instagram or other social media accounts.

Eco-friendly features

Eco-living has become increasingly popular over the years and most of the hospitality industry has embraced these sustainable initiatives and made its key features appeal to a sustainability-conscious generation.

Furniture is made from organic and locally sourced products, such as rattan or bamboo recliners and recycled plastic furniture.

Today's  hotel furniture trends are eclectic, but with hints of modern forms that emphasise craftsmanship. For example, we have recently seen barrel chairs, egg chairs and Adirondack chairs adorning many hotels, as these are great freestanding décor for any modern interior or outdoor space. The new challenge for furniture designers is to incorporate technology into their creations. Automation and personalisation are the main features that young hotel guests are looking for. In the coming years, we will certainly see most of these high-tech furniture designs dominating hotel interiors.


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