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Hotel Furniture Purchasing Tips

The cost of furnituring a hotel can be high. There are many aspects and costs you need to consider. An important feature of the hotel is the furniture. It can make or break the overall guest experience. Therefore, learning how to buy hotel furniture is essential to avoid unusable furniture. Finding a professional to help you buy hotel furniture can help you get the most out of your purchase. They also make sure that everything you buy complements the aesthetic of your hotel.

Hotel furniture is a broad area to cover. There is plenty to think about and so many rooms that need different types of furniture to fill. We've put together some tips on how to buy hotel furniture. We've done many projects of top-ranking branded international hotels, you can check our Project Cases before you plan yours. And we also share with you the tips to buy hotel furniture.

Buy Hotel Furniture Tips


Buy Hotel Furniture Tips

The Layout, Furniture Quantities and Sizes of the Hotel

Having a detailed vision of your hotel, with sizes included, can help you better choose what furniture to purchase. Without a proper layout, you might be buying a table that's too big for your guest dining area. Or you might also be purchasing a small lounge for a vast space. Incorrect sizes might push you to buy more than initially planned.

Hotel Aesthetics

Your choice of furniture should depend on the style and aesthetics you are aiming for. Sticking to your "theme" helps you keep your choices simple yet complementary. For a boutique hotel, there is no need to purchase expensive furniture. You'll be surprised what mixing and matching can do. Be creative and try to use unconventional designs. However, make sure to prioritize comfort over style. Creating a good balance between the two can generate hotel traffic.

Furniture Location

Outdoor furniture has different materials and finishes compared to indoor ones. An outdoor lounge may require you to use wood material for durability, while the indoor sofa needs to be the most comfortable. Plan the furniture you need for each area of your hotel. In this way, you know what materials to utilize.


Purchasing furniture for short-term use is a waste of money. You have to make sure that you buy only the quality ones that will last for a long time. The life of your furniture also depends on maintenance. Make sure you do regular checks and proper cleaning to maximize your furniture use. You may also opt to choose materials that require less maintenance, such as metal or plastic.


Delivery is also an essential part of how to buy hotel furniture. Having them delivered at an earlier time, while the hotel is still under construction, can be troublesome. Since you might need to find safe storage for them, when constructing a big hotel, make sure that the manufacturer can deliver in due time. You won’t want to push back on your opening because of delayed delivery. Always set a realistic time frame and talk to your furniture maker in case some changes arise.


Commercial furniture experience more abuse than your regular home furniture; thus, securing a manufacturer warranty can help you save up on some maintenance costs. Some guests might not be as forgiving in using your hotel amenities, so they always have a reliable backup.

Other Considerations

A hotel is generally made up of different areas which require a different set of furniture. Thus, it's always put into consideration what furniture is needed for a certain area of your hotel.

Buy Hotel Furniture Tips

Hotel Reception

The hotel reception is the first thing your guests see upon checking in. Thus, it should make a big impact and show them what to expect in terms of services and experience. Here are some tips when choosing furniture for your reception area:

● The reception area should be clean and elegant to look at. Little discrepancies like wrinkled fabrics and stains can easily catch someone's eye. Thus choose neutral fabrics and those that don't easily be stained. Also, try to find cushions that are not too soft. Memory foam is the best option you can buy since it naturally retains its original shape. So you always have an inviting lounge area for your guests to sit on.

● Arrange your furniture in such a way that they look pleasing no matter what angle.

● Protect your upholstery by installing wood strips at the back of the chairs. When guests move them, they can grab the wood strips without potentially damaging the upholstery.

● Chairs and sofas with screw-on legs should be checked regularly to prevent loosening. In case a screw is loosened, and a guest sits on that chair, he or she might fall. Avoid accidents by doing regular checks.

Hotel Restaurant

● Choosing revolving bar stools with return springs can help maintain the aesthetic without having your staff arrange them every time a guest finishes their drink.

● The hotel restaurant and dining area should utilize solid and quality furniture. Since this might be the busiest area of your hotel, make sure to choose practical pieces. However, make sure that the dining area’s overall style is the same as to the rest of the hotel.

Hotel Bedroom

Most hotel standard rooms have limited space. So choose compact and simple furniture without going overboard. The key is to make the room and homey and comfortable as possible. Putting a lot of unnecessary things can make the room feel constricted.

Putting up a hotel can be a huge investment. You have to carefully plan out all aspects to maximize the potential and avoid unnecessary expenses. That is why a good understanding of how to buy hotel furniture can help you improve your hotel's look without going above your allocated budget.

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Buy Hotel Furniture Tips


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