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How to Choose Good Furniture for Your Hotel

Choosing timeless furniture for your establishment could be one of the most sensible decisions you make as a business. To put it simply:

‘Timeless’ – not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion.

By interweaving timeless furniture design choices into your theme or décor, you are creating an environment for guests which exudes a true sense of timeless elegance. Furniture which is sophisticated, yet inviting may seem like a tricky balance, however by choosing pieces of timeless furniture, you can encapsulate both. As a hotel, restaurant or bar, it is crucial that careful consideration is taken in terms of your hospitality design styles, in order to be successful in attracting guests. We advocate investing in high quality, timeless furniture style rather than always trying to champion the very latest interior design trends, which may not always stand the test of time.

Considering an overhaul of furniture style, or looking for inspiration on how to do so? Our informative guide will advise on selecting sophisticated, quality furniture, as well as discussing how and why timeless design interiors can benefit your establishment.  

How to Choose Timeless Furniture for Your Hotel


Hospitality Design Styles - a World of Possibilities

Whilst there are many elements to a hotel, bar or restaurant which will affect the overall consumer experience, the comfort, style and presentation of your interior is arguably one of the most important factors. With a great push in recent years on sustainability, the ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ concept is fast becoming a thing of the past, with much more convergence towards timeless hospitality design.

So, although there will always be a pressure to follow trends, through careful selection of timeless furniture pieces and interior design styles, you could make your interior scheme last longer and maximise your investment.


Timeless Design - Comfort and Style

The balance between a piece of furniture being aesthetically pleasing, whilst also offering utmost comfort is where timeless furniture pieces are in a league of their own. Timeless designs can emit a sense of familiarity, offering additional comfort to guests. Pairing certain elements of furniture together, can create a sense of home and in turn creates a comfortable, inviting environment for guests.

Colour psychology in hospitality design is closely linked to emotions. Whether it’s hints of yellow tones within a room, signifying joy and happiness, to amber and orange elements to create warmth, colour is essentially a powerful interior tool.  Timeless design interiors often feature more soft, neutral tones, creating a feeling of tranquillity and peacefulness, neutral tones lend themselves to a variety of different environments, effectively becoming timeless furniture as they are moveable and interchangeable to different locations. Another timeless interior design feature, which complements neutral tones, is of course - monochrome. The contrasting colour scheme has been popular in the world of interior design for years, and continues to feature in many bars, hotels and restaurants around the world. By opting for furniture in monochrome colours, it is likely to remain on-trend for many years to come.


Timeless Prints

Over time, certain fabrics and prints fall in and out of trend, but there are always firm favourites that come back around, or remain on-trend throughout. Strong, traditional prints such as tartan, herringbone, gingham, houndstooth and pinstripe have all remained firm favourites within hotels, whether boutique or traditional. These eye-catching patterns add extra depth to any hotel, restaurant or bar environment, as well as providing a forgiving fabric to disguise stains and spills due to high footfall within hospitality settings.


Your Design, Crafted in Your Style

If the guidance and information given on timeless furniture has inspired you, and you have something in mind that you’d like to make a reality, get in touch with us today to enquire about bespoke  contract furniture.


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