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A 5-step Guide to Buying Furniture for Your First Villa

Moving out with a group of friends, roommates, or a partner can be a very exciting time in life. It's not just a bedroom in your parents' home, it's a space that's all your own. You can set the rules and decorate it in any way you like. You can find your personal style.

We've put together the best advice to guide you in creating your first villa in your own style and on your own budget. Since we know that your first apartment will likely not be your last, our advice can help you embark on the journey to your forever home. We want to make sure you have fun and explore your personality and style, while being renter friendly.


Buying on a budget: when to save, when to splurge

Budget is an important factor in making your first villa your own. You only have so much money, so you need to decide where to save and when to splurge. For your first apartment, the only splurge should really be a quality mattress in your bedroom. Everything else can be purchased on a budget at first. Look for thrift stores, online marketplaces, and friends and family. While you may receive unwanted items, it's a great time to try a renter-friendly DIY weekend and upgrade your furniture, and decor. There are tons of amazing websites and blogs dedicated to tenant-friendly decorating and DIY projects, and these can be very useful when looking for ways to transform a space without leaving a permanent mark. Over time, as you move to a new space and location, you'll want to consider investing in artwork, select furniture and decorative accessories.

A 5-step Guide to Buying Furniture for Your First Apartment


Define your style

The style of our first villa is different from the style we will live in later in life, so don't worry about decorating for the first, second or even third time. Your first villa is the time and place to play with color, try new things and experiment with style. That's why now is not the time to splurge on expensive dining room furniture or a dream bed frame unless you're absolutely sure you'll love it 20 years from now. Take it down and hand it over from friends and family to see what works, but be sure to keep space in mind (see next step). Budget purchases of new things may be right around the corner, so sticking through mismatched fixtures and furniture is always fun and over the top.


Small villas and villa furniture

It's a very common sight in villas to see a couch, table or desk being pulled by ropes to a window or balcony. Why? Stairs and small spaces, that's why. A key consideration for a first villa should be space. It likely won't be very big (see budget above), and even if you're lucky and the room is bigger, the stairs or elevator leading to your new residence may not be able to accommodate the big stuff. For example, a huge combination couch is not wanted. While it may be nice to have a free couch, it doesn't help that it will still be on the front lawn at the end of the move. Maybe the first apartment is not a big couch, but a couple of great desk chairs.


Versatile Furniture

Speaking of chairs! Which brings us to the next important tip for designing and making the most of your space in your first villa: multifunctional furniture. We already know that spaces are small, so it's almost impossible to have a full living room, dining room, home office, bedroom, guest room, etc. In some cases, one room (except the bathroom) can do it all, so having furniture that can do more than one thing can be a game changer.


Some examples include using your desk as a dining table when guests come over, or furniture that you can easily move around (see chairs above vs. a large sofa) to accommodate a group of people. Turning a single bed (guest bed) into a living room sofa bed slash sofa is also a fun idea (maybe put a rollaway/storage/ or captain's bed underneath for more space!) . Another great option is a sofa bed (they are no longer the uncomfortable ones your grandparents used to have ... sofa beds have really improved the comfort level).


Must Haves

Just like in life, it's the little things that make the difference. Look for simple decorative items and accessories such as lamps, pillows and other items to really make your space your own.


The key to making sure your first villa is truly memorable is to share it with others. You can also let others help you create your own space! Host a painting party and let friends help. Your first villa is not about creating the perfect space. It's about creating a space that you want to share with your friends.


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